What is the Typical Duration for Hailstorms?

What’s the deal with hail? Basically, when it hails, pellets of ice fall from the sky and do all sorts of damage. Many people have found dents in/on their cars and trucks thanks to hailstorms, thus needing the services of Impact Paintless Dent Repair to correct the problems.

A Look at the Science of Hailstorms

Now about those hailstorms… here’s what happens: moisture is in the air, thunderclouds are in the sky, and there’s a lot of wind involved. So, it’s not exactly rain and it’s not exactly snow. Instead, there are “cumulonimbus” clouds in the sky (the aforementioned thunderclouds) where conditions are ripe for the formation of hailstones. These “stones” are formed by ice crystals, aka “graupel.” Imagine moisture being pushed around by wind inside a cold cloud– and that’s how you get hail!

Hail can range from pea-sized to the size of quarters or, as some people like to say, “golf balls.” The size of the hail depends on how strong the wind “updrafts” are in the cloud. Golf ball sized hail is formed when it’s really windy in the thunderclouds– when wind is moving fast at 55 MPH!

America’s Largest Hailstone

The largest hailstone ever recorded in the U.S. fell in South Dakota in 2010. At 8 inches in diameter and 18.62 inches in circumference, it was big! South Dakota, Wyoming, and other nearby states are prone to hail storms, especially during certain times of the year.

How Long Do They Last?

So how long do hailstorms usually last? Though some people assume they go on for hours at a time, the reality is most last just 5 to 10 minutes. That said, they can do plenty of damage in such a short time. Hail is responsible for hurting people, crops, vehicles, roofs and skylights.

Impact Paintless Dent Repair has locations in areas where hail storms are more frequent than in other parts of the country. Should your vehicle get hit by hail and you have a dent or dents that need smoothing out, visit Impact Paintless Dent Repair in Casper, WY; Spearfish, SD; Gillette/Sheridan, WY; or Billings, MT. If you have any questions, please use the online “Contact Us” form.

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