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Tips To Handle The Situation When In A Vehicle Accident

You’re senses are just becoming aware that the nightmare situation has happened and you’ve been in a car accident. Not only does this ruin your day, but depending on the severity of the accident, you could also be in excruciating pain and possible body injury. Car accidents are not fun for any person who is… Read more »

Summer Fun & Dent Repair

It’s that time of the year where you are going on vacations or going to weekend getaways with your vehicle. You might take a family trip to the beach or head out camping to the local national park. These are time we look forward to the most during the year; great weather, friends, family, and… Read more »

Spring Vehicle Cleaning & Dent Repair

March is the beginning of spring, the sun warms the temperatures, the streets started clearing up from snow, and grass starts to grow in the yards. Additionally, your vehicles that have accumulated dust, dirt, and grime need to be cleaned. It might seem like a challenging task to clean your car or truck, especially if… Read more »

Tips for Buying a Car with Hail Damage

Purchasing a new or used vehicle can be an arduous process, even without the complication of adding hail damage into the mix. Finding the vehicle you want to drive, with the look and style you want already narrows down a car search. To make it worse, if you live in the areas of the country… Read more »

Winter Vehicle Safety & Emergency Tips

As we can see with what is happening in Buffalo, NY the snow can come in blizzard fashion at any time. Over 6 feet of snow was dropped on the southern parts of the city in a matter of hours, and the unsuspecting residents are in a state of emergency. Some people were left stranded… Read more »

Wintery Weather Preparation for Your Vehicle

The Farmer’s Almanac has this 2014-2015 winter season to be one of the worst winters in a while and that means vehicle drivers need to beware and prepared for anything. With the winter weather comes cold temperatures, snow, ice and blizzardy conditions… All of which are nightmares to the average car driver. Accidents can happen,… Read more »

In-depth look at Impact Paintless Dent Repair (Video)

Nothing can frustrate a car or truck owner more than when they come outside and find their vehicle has dents and needs to be repaired. Whether it is by Mother Nature with a hail storm or another driver accidentally slams their door into your car, an owner can only see the eyesore and wonder how… Read more »