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Let The Pros Inspect And Estimate Your Hail Damage Repairs

Unfortunately, accidents can happen and nature is unpredictable. As a vehicle owner in a climate that can be detrimental to your ride, dents can accrue from all sorts of manners. Hail is one of the biggest nature offenders, and even if you are on top of your weather conditions, your car can still be left… Read more »

Is It Possible To DIY Hail Dent Repair?

These days there are all types of videos that have gone viral showing you DIY hacks for all sorts of situation, all in the name of saving money. You’ve probably seen five just today scrolling through your Facebook news feed. All touting the fact that “you must see this” or “you won’t believe how easy… Read more »

3 Validated Qualities You’ll Want In Your Next Car

You and your vehicle have had great trips, amazing experiences, and seen some crazy weather together. But it’s come to a point now in your car’s life that you have both parted ways. You have been looking at other models and getting antsy about the new experience you’re going to have with a brand new… Read more »

What Is Entailed In A Paintless Dent Repair Job

An unfortunate event that can really cause frustration and anger is when you get a ding in your car. Shopping carts, hail, other car doors, and leaning too heavily on a car can all cause small dents and dings. A vehicle is a hefty investment and of course you want to keep your car in… Read more »

Is It Worth Buying A New Car With Hail Damage

You’ve been car shopping for a bit now. Researching new cars, looking for the type of car that is not only affordable but will last for almost a decade with minimal issues. It is finally come down to a certain few models, with good gas mileage and solid customer reviews. So you have decided with… Read more »

Reasons To Repair Those Dents With PDR

Dents on your car are tough to look at. No matter if you bought the vehicle recently or a decade ago, dents that aren’t repaired can be unsightly and in the future cause further damage. Now if you happen to live in an area afflicted by hail storms or recently were in an accident then… Read more »