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What To Do In The Event Of A Hail Storm

Sometimes life comes at you so fast that you can’t always be bothered to worry about the weather. Even if you do live in an state or area that is effected by hail storms consistently, you can’t always believe what the weather man says. They are just trying to predict the unpredictable that is Mother… Read more »

Tips To Handle The Situation When In A Vehicle Accident

You’re senses are just becoming aware that the nightmare situation has happened and you’ve been in a car accident. Not only does this ruin your day, but depending on the severity of the accident, you could also be in excruciating pain and possible body injury. Car accidents are not fun for any person who is… Read more »

It’s Imperative To Clean The Salt Off Your Car

Clean roads are great for when the weather has produced bad driving conditions and snow blizzard like accumulation. Having the peace of mind that your department of transportation has prepared or plowed the streets, thruways, and highways can make you feel safer when you have to drive to work, pick up the kids or go… Read more »

Tips for Buying a Car with Hail Damage

Purchasing a new or used vehicle can be an arduous process, even without the complication of adding hail damage into the mix. Finding the vehicle you want to drive, with the look and style you want already narrows down a car search. To make it worse, if you live in the areas of the country… Read more »