Should You Have a Dent Repaired on Your Car Before Selling It?

Want to test out a hypothesis? Without saying anything, present a toy to a kid in a store in two forms: the dented one and the “perfect” one. Which one do you think they’ll choose? Obviously, they’re going to want the perfect one. This is human nature. We want “the best” whenever we can get it, and this goes for adults and their vehicles, too.

Why You Should Have the Dent Repaired

Should you have a dent repaired on your car before selling it? Is the Pope Catholic? Of course you should have a dent repaired– and Impact Paintless Dent Repair can do that for you. But why should this be done? Well, because people prefer things to “look nice” rather than to be “dented.” Naturally.

A dented vehicle makes it look like you, the seller, didn’t take very good care of the vehicle. Buyers might wonder, “Well, if there’s that, what else is wrong with this vehicle?” Dented vehicles make buyers leery. You don’t want your buyer leery– you want him or her to be confident with their potential purchase.

A car or truck in great condition fetches top dollar. Therefore, by having a dent repaired, you’re going to make more money on the sale. Furthermore, dentless vehicles sell quicker than dented ones. Dents, especially the noticeable ones, devalue a car or truck and discourage people from buying them.

Say you were trying to sell a 2006 Dodge Caravan and it had a big dent on the driver’s side door. You might be able to get $300 for it. Get that dent “taken away” and you’re looking at $500-$700 or more for the same vehicle– all because you did the smart thing and took the time and made the effort to improve the appearance of the minivan.

In a day and age where appearances mean a lot– just look at how many young people are obsessed with selfies– it only makes sense to have a dented vehicle repaired before putting it up for sale.

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Impact Paintless Dent Repair

Impact Paintless Dent Repair