Should You Buy a Car Damaged by a Hailstorm?

In certain areas of the country, hailstorms are frequent and intense. When hailstorms hit, they can do a lot of damage to many things, including cars.

Should you buy a car damaged by a hailstorm? Most likely the answer is yes, but you have to consider certain things first, before making that final payment and taking it home.

Examine the Damage

For starters, you should examine the hail-damaged car with your eyes to make sure it looks alright to you. If there’s something “off” about it, even after being repaired, and that something is going to get on your nerves, then don’t buy it! A lot of times, hail damage can be repaired to the point where you don’t notice any damage at all. If that’s the case, you might be fine buying it.

Get a Professional Opinion

Ideally, you should consider having a hail-damaged car inspected by a professional technician who “knows his stuff” when it comes to hail damage. He has the expertise to look for things you might not notice, and he can “dig deeper,” taking a look behind or underneath what’s seen by the naked eye. Just like with doctors, it’s always good to get a second opinion. If an expert tells you “it’s good,” that’s worth taking into consideration. If a vehicle has had extreme hail damage you’re going to likely not buy it, but minor problems that can be corrected mean that you probably will.

Check the Warranty

Next, if the hail damage is still visibly showing, find out if the dealer/seller will repair the damage and/or what kind of warranty the car might have. Talk to an insurance agent to ask about eligibility for comprehensive insurance. If you consult a lender to help pay for the car, find out if that company is willing to finance one that’s damaged by hail.

Consider the Resale Value

Finally, take into account whether or not you think the hail damage will be a major factor regarding resale value in the future.

Impact Paintless Dent Repair has the ability to take hail-damaged cars and make them look good as new. When that happens, people are very happy. In some severe cases, though, the damage is so bad that no amount of repairs can help, and that’s when the car ends up getting junked– but that’s in extreme cases only.

Written by Chad Harley

Chad Harley

Professional hail technician since 1998. Vale National Master Craftsman 2004. Over a decade of experience in collision repair and refinishing prior to paintless dent repair.

Impact Paintless Dent Repair

Impact Paintless Dent Repair