How Winter Weather Can Adversely Affect Your Vehicle

When the weather’s nice, things seem so relaxed. However, when the weather’s best described as a “winter storm,” watch out! When wind, ice and snow combine together, bad things happen, from fender benders to highway pile-ups. Bad winter weather can mess with your car or truck in many ways, including unwanted dents from rock salt.

Freezing Temperatures and Plow Debris

During the dark, cold winter season, temperatures can regularly get downright freezing, and that’s not even considering the “real feel” with the wind chill, when it can get well below zero degrees. Plows usually end up trying to remove all the ice and snow from area roads, and they aren’t delicate about it. Those plows are like bulls through a china shop.

Imagine you’re driving down a road in the middle of winter and a plow passes you. That plow ends up spraying your vehicle with whatever it just picked up from the road below, including loose gravel, stones, garbage, etc. Or perhaps the plow is actively whipping out salt and some of it hits your vehicle at a fast speed. You can see how easy it is for your paint to be chipped or for dents to appear, right?

Mysterious Happenings

Strange things can happen in cold weather. Rubber components on your vehicle may stiffen, leading to rips, tears and breaks. If there are cracks on the vehicle, expanding freezing water can get in them and bust apart various parts on it. Batteries can die. Wheels can get stuck. Other drivers can accidentally hit your vehicle while they’re driving. Heck, even wind can grab one person’s car drove from them and slam it into the side of your vehicle in a parking lot, causing a bad dent. Winter is just brutal on vehicles (and their drivers).

Have you ever been driving behind a vehicle that didn’t brush off all the snow from their roof? Inevitably, that snow– and whatever else is on there (like ice)– gets picked up by the wind and heads right at your vehicle. Depending on the force with which it strikes your vehicle, and if debris is in it (such as gravel), it’s a lot like getting hit by hail, and that’s not good. Just like hailstorms in this region cause countless dents that need repair, winter storms and winter weather in general definitely leads to people coming to Impact Paintless Dent Repair.

This winter, if you notice your vehicle has a dent in it, please contact us to find out how we can help remove it.

Written by CHarley_Admin

Impact Paintless Dent Repair

Impact Paintless Dent Repair