How to Fix Dents on the Roof of Your Car After a Hailstorm

Did your vehicle get stuck out in a hailstorm and sustain extensive damage due to the hail that fell on it? The roof of your car, truck, or SUV can be especially susceptible to hail damage during a hailstorm. Fortunately, there are some ways you can deal with the damage. Take a look at a few below.

Use heat to get rid of the dents.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of dents in your vehicle’s roof caused by hail is by using heat to do it. You can try something as simple as parking your vehicle in the sun on a hot day. The heat from the sun will often make your metal roof expand and pop out the dents. You can also try using hot water or even a hairdryer to pop out the dents. Just be careful since these methods could cause paint discoloration to occur.

Try cold if heat doesn’t work.

Did you try using heat to remove dents from your vehicle and see almost no result? Then you might want to try using cold next. Obtain dry ice, put on a pair of gloves, and use the ice to circle the dents in your car’s roof. The dry ice can make your metal roof contract, which will often pop out the dents and make your roof smooth again.

Call on an auto body shop that has experience removing dents caused by hail.

If you try using both heat and cold and don’t notice a difference in the roof of your car, it’s probably time to call on the professionals for help. There are dent kits that you can buy to attempt to fix your roof on your own, but many of those kits can cause more damage. Most also won’t work when it comes to fixing hail dents. An auto body shop can take the right steps to get the dents removed and work with your insurance company to see if repairs will be covered under your policy.

If your vehicle sustained damage due to a hailstorm recently, Impact Paintless Dent Repair can help. Contact us to hear about how we can remove the dents from your car quickly and leave it looking like new again.

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Impact Paintless Dent Repair

Impact Paintless Dent Repair