Hail by the Numbers

You might not necessarily think of hail as a major threat to your vehicle, but every single year, hail does more than $1 billion worth of damage to crops and property, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. There were more than 5,000 major hail storms throughout the United States in 2015 alone, with states like Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and South Dakota experiencing hundreds of hail storms throughout the course of that year. Clearly, hail is something you should be concerned about when it comes to property damage.

Here in the states we serve – South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana – it’s important to be especially mindful about the damage that hail can do since they rank in the top 10 for highest number of hail-related auto insurance claims between 2008 and 2014. South Dakota actually topped the list with a hail claim frequency of 26.5 per 1,000 claims, while Wyoming landed in the fifth spot with 15.2 hail claims per 1,000. Montana was right behind in sixth with 11.8 claims per thousand. This shows that many vehicle owners in our area have dealt with the aftermath of hail storms and need dent repair and removal services to remedy the damage done to their cars, trucks and SUVs by Mother Nature.

If you’ve sustain damage to your vehicle as a result of hail, you should strongly consider having that damage taken care of right away. By working with a company like Impact Paintless Dent Repair that is committed to fixing hail damage, you can keep your vehicle looking its best and prevent hail damage from becoming an even bigger problem than it already is. The last thing you want to do is ignore hail damage and encounter rust or other issues later on. Call us in Billings, Montana at 406-855-9598; in Gilette/Sheridan, Wyoming at 307-752-7081; in Casper, Wyoming at 307-267-7776; or our Spearfish, South Dakota location at 605-381-7069 to schedule a service appointment today.

Written by Chad Harley

Chad Harley

Professional hail technician since 1998. Vale National Master Craftsman 2004. Over a decade of experience in collision repair and refinishing prior to paintless dent repair.

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