Color and Dents: Do Some Colors Hide Dents Better?

Dents on our cars can really be eyesores. They can be something we notice every time we walk to our cars even if we don’t want to. However, have you ever noticed that some cars may have dents but they don’t seem to stand out or draw the eye hardly at all? Part of the answer for why this is comes down to the color of the car.

Some vehicle paint colors are able to hide dents better than others. While you may think your car looks horrible with that glaring dent on the bumper or in the door, you might not feel the same about a dent in the same place or size on another car the same as yours but in a different color. Sometimes the color scheme can create an optical illusion that almost hides signs of dent damage from the naked eye.

For example, while dirt and mud will be very apparent on a white car, white is a great example of a color that hides dents. Since white is so bright, it more easily hides minor surface imperfections at a glance when seen on a bright day or during the daytime in general. Light gray is also a very popular car color and tends to minimize the appearance of small dents and dings. If a stray shopping cart happens to strike your car in a crowded parking lot, it may be very obvious to you but many others might not even notice when taking a look at your car.

Regardless of the color of your car, the best way to make your car look great is to remove the dent. If your car – no matter what shade – has a dent that needs to be removed, bring it into Impact Paintless Dent Repair at any of our locations and let us get the dents out. To schedule your dent removal, call us at 406-855-9598 in Billings, Montana; in Gillette/Sheridan, Wyoming at 307-752-7081; in Casper, Wyoming at 307-267-7776; or our Spearfish, South Dakota location at 605-381-7069.

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Impact Paintless Dent Repair

Impact Paintless Dent Repair