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Lend A Car To A Friend, Then Find A Dent?

It’s not uncommon for you to be a a compassionate friend and lend your vehicle out to a friend in need. Whether it is because they don’t have a car, are in town on vacation or they have theirs in the shop, it’s completely understandable that you might lend out your car in order for… Read more »

How To Get Rid Of That Uncommon Dent

Uncommon dents can be accrued from almost any type of source. For the vehicle owner, they are annoying and no one can really be blamed as the dent is in its pure form from an accident. These accidents put blemishes on our vehicles and then the eye sore only gets worse in our minds for… Read more »

Selling Your Car? Get Rid Of Those Pesky Old Dents!

The time has finally some to sell your pride and joy. You’ve had some great years, long trips, and memorable times, but it is time to say that hard goodbye to your old vehicle and upgrade to a new one to find new adventures in. You’ve been a good car owner – always been consistent… Read more »

Prepare For The Upcoming Hail Season

In Wyoming, Southwestern parts of South Dakota and even in Montana, hail storm season is on the horizon. It was almost a year ago that the first storms hit the regions, causing damage to anything exposed to the weather, specifically the vehicles that are unprotected from those white pellets of frozen rain. This season lasts… Read more »

Don’t Wait To Make Your Hail Damage Repair Claims

As most vehicle owners have found from years of experience, trying to file a claim for hail damage dent repair can really be a struggle when your car isn’t the only one that has been hit by the storm. When you’re not the only one filing, companies get backed up especially for those individuals who… Read more »

Buying Used Car Body Parts With Hail Damage

If your vehicle has recently had body damage, is rusted beyond repair or you unfortunately were in an accident and parts have to be replaced, then you might be able to find a similar part in a junk yard. Only fault is that it might be in better condition than what is being replaced, yet… Read more »

Needed Dent Repair after a Winter Mishap

Winter driving is always tricky. Ice, snow, sleet, wind, can all be a factor into your driving as well as your vehicle itself. Sometimes we get into accidents we can’t avoid, especially with drivers that aren’t able to control their cars for various reasons. Accidents are a part of our driving life, and the only… Read more »

It’s Imperative To Clean The Salt Off Your Car

Clean roads are great for when the weather has produced bad driving conditions and snow blizzard like accumulation. Having the peace of mind that your department of transportation has prepared or plowed the streets, thruways, and highways can make you feel safer when you have to drive to work, pick up the kids or go… Read more »