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Environmental Awareness Is Key to Preventing Dents

Vehicles inevitably get dented throughout their lifespan, but there are ways to prevent this damage. Staying aware of your environment and surroundings is often the most important thing you can do to prevent vehicle dents. Here are a few things to keep in mind whenever you’re behind the wheel.   Weather Bad weather elements such… Read more »

A Dent-Proof Car Now on Aussie Roads

Whatever the reason may be, we all hate to see dents on our cars. Well, a new French-made car being driving on the streets of Australia might be making dents a thing of the past. As reports, French carmaker Citroen has recently introduced the Cactus, the world’s first dent-proof car. To make this modern… Read more »

Understanding Common Types of Dents

When your car gets dented, it can be a very frustrating thing, especially if you don’t know how it happened. Different dent shapes often are caused by distinctly different impacts, and if you’re wondering how the dent on your car got there, the breakdown below can help you to try and determine how a dent… Read more »

Leasing and Dents: When to Repair

Driving a leased vehicle is a luxury motorists are given for generally a two- to three-year term. Whether you’re driving a leased car on your road trip to Ohio or a leased SUV while your car is in the shop, it’s important to take care of your temporary new set of wheels. Auto damage is… Read more »

Hit by Hail? Hail Us Down!

Hail might seem pretty neat when you hear it bouncing off your house during a major storm. However, when you step outside after the storm and notice huge the hail has left dents on the hood and roof of your car, it’s not as much fun and excitement – now it’s a headache. When you’re… Read more »

Hit An Animal, Fix The Dents With An Easier Way

There’s an old joke that everyone’s heard, “Why did the chicken cross the road?“ Driving in the open roads there are more than just people to deal with. There are also animals that can wander onto the road. There’s duck and geese crossing, possums, wandering cats and dogs, skunks, and the bigger animals like deer…. Read more »

Tips To Handle The Situation When In A Vehicle Accident

You’re senses are just becoming aware that the nightmare situation has happened and you’ve been in a car accident. Not only does this ruin your day, but depending on the severity of the accident, you could also be in excruciating pain and possible body injury. Car accidents are not fun for any person who is… Read more »

Hail Storm Chasers Need Dent Repairs Too

If you live in the Wyoming and South Dakota areas where hail storms are prevalent, then you know the struggle when a storm comes. It’s not easy trying to keep your valuables safe from being damaged from those nickel sized hail stones, even the dreaded softball sized hail storm stones especially protecting your vehicles. For… Read more »