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How To Tell If Your Car Has Hail Damage

If you live in certain parts of South Dakota or Wyoming, then the occurrence of a hailstorm can be quite frequent. That means that you must be prepared at a moment’s notice for when a storm might hit and for the damage the hail can bring. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t seem to matter how much… Read more »

What To Do In The Event Of A Hail Storm

Sometimes life comes at you so fast that you can’t always be bothered to worry about the weather. Even if you do live in an state or area that is effected by hail storms consistently, you can’t always believe what the weather man says. They are just trying to predict the unpredictable that is Mother… Read more »

Insurance Companies Use New Technology To Find Hail Damage

If you live in an area or state that is frequently hit by hail storms like South Dakota or Wyoming, you know that hail damage on your vehicle is the worst thing that could happen. Hail can come at in opportune times, like on a road trip or just going to the store. Before you… Read more »

Hail Storm Chasers Need Dent Repairs Too

If you live in the Wyoming and South Dakota areas where hail storms are prevalent, then you know the struggle when a storm comes. It’s not easy trying to keep your valuables safe from being damaged from those nickel sized hail stones, even the dreaded softball sized hail storm stones especially protecting your vehicles. For… Read more »

Prepare For The Upcoming Hail Season

In Wyoming, Southwestern parts of South Dakota and even in Montana, hail storm season is on the horizon. It was almost a year ago that the first storms hit the regions, causing damage to anything exposed to the weather, specifically the vehicles that are unprotected from those white pellets of frozen rain. This season lasts… Read more »

Don’t Wait To Make Your Hail Damage Repair Claims

As most vehicle owners have found from years of experience, trying to file a claim for hail damage dent repair can really be a struggle when your car isn’t the only one that has been hit by the storm. When you’re not the only one filing, companies get backed up especially for those individuals who… Read more »

Buying Used Car Body Parts With Hail Damage

If your vehicle has recently had body damage, is rusted beyond repair or you unfortunately were in an accident and parts have to be replaced, then you might be able to find a similar part in a junk yard. Only fault is that it might be in better condition than what is being replaced, yet… Read more »

Why You Need a Proper Hail Damage Estimate and Inspection

If you have had the unfortunate situation where your car was tortured by a storm those big hail pellets, the damage can be overwhelming. It makes for more hassle because then you have to get insurance involved, find a repair shop and get all of that taken care of in a timely manner. Putting the… Read more »