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Will Paintless Dent Repair Ruin Your Car’s Paint Job?

Many motorists have seen first-hand just how useful paintless dent repair can be when it comes to fixing a dent in their vehicle. They’ve been able to have their vehicles repaired without sending it into an auto body shop for days or even weeks at a time. However, some people are under the impression that… Read more »

How to Fix Dents on the Roof of Your Car After a Hailstorm

Did your vehicle get stuck out in a hailstorm and sustain extensive damage due to the hail that fell on it? The roof of your car, truck, or SUV can be especially susceptible to hail damage during a hailstorm. Fortunately, there are some ways you can deal with the damage. Take a look at a… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Car if a Hailstorm is On the Way

Hailstorms cause quite a bit of damage every year. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration reports that hail results in about $1 billion worth of damage to crops and property on an annual basis. It’s why you should do whatever you can to protect your vehicle from hail if you can. Here are some steps you… Read more »

The Different Types of Hail That Could Damage Your Vehicle

If you’ve ever been caught in the middle of a hailstorm, then you know how much damage it can do. Hail can ruin the exterior of homes, vehicles, and more. Hail is defined as any piece of frozen precipitation that has a diameter of at least 5 millimeters, and it forms when raindrops pass through… Read more »

What to Know About Car Insurance and Hail Damage

There are more Americans than ever before filing car insurance claims related to hail damage. In 2016, hail insurance claims across the country rose by almost 50 percent compared to the previous year. As hail storms become more prevalent in certain parts of the country, people are turning to their car insurance companies for help… Read more »

What is the Typical Duration for Hailstorms?

What’s the deal with hail? Basically, when it hails, pellets of ice fall from the sky and do all sorts of damage. Many people have found dents in/on their cars and trucks thanks to hailstorms, thus needing the services of Impact Paintless Dent Repair to correct the problems. A Look at the Science of Hailstorms… Read more »

Why Does Hail Form?

Hail is a very big problem for those who live in states like Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana. When hailstorms hit, they can cause extensive property damage, especially when it comes to vehicles. Many people are forced to seek vehicle repairs following hailstorms. Nevertheless, most people don’t understand why hail forms in the first place…. Read more »