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Needed Dent Repair after a Winter Mishap

Winter driving is always tricky. Ice, snow, sleet, wind, can all be a factor into your driving as well as your vehicle itself. Sometimes we get into accidents we can’t avoid, especially with drivers that aren’t able to control their cars for various reasons. Accidents are a part of our driving life, and the only… Read more »

Why You Need a Proper Hail Damage Estimate and Inspection

If you have had the unfortunate situation where your car was tortured by a storm those big hail pellets, the damage can be overwhelming. It makes for more hassle because then you have to get insurance involved, find a repair shop and get all of that taken care of in a timely manner. Putting the… Read more »

It’s Imperative To Clean The Salt Off Your Car

Clean roads are great for when the weather has produced bad driving conditions and snow blizzard like accumulation. Having the peace of mind that your department of transportation has prepared or plowed the streets, thruways, and highways can make you feel safer when you have to drive to work, pick up the kids or go… Read more »

Impact Paintless Dent Repair vs Traditional Dent Repair

If you just purchased a new car, restored a classic hot rod or like to keep your older car in clean condition, the blemish of a ding or dent can really put a damper on your mood. Many a headache has been caused from the process of trying to get a dent fixed on a… Read more »

Hail Storm Protection Holiday Gift Ideas

If you have been caught in a hail storm while driving or experienced them while out in the elements, you know what it feels like when the hail comes down in full force upon you and your vehicle. It’s not a fun or enjoyable ordeal. Even though the hail season might be over in the… Read more »

Winter Vehicle Safety & Emergency Tips

As we can see with what is happening in Buffalo, NY the snow can come in blizzard fashion at any time. Over 6 feet of snow was dropped on the southern parts of the city in a matter of hours, and the unsuspecting residents are in a state of emergency. Some people were left stranded… Read more »

In-depth look at Impact Paintless Dent Repair (Video)

Nothing can frustrate a car or truck owner more than when they come outside and find their vehicle has dents and needs to be repaired. Whether it is by Mother Nature with a hail storm or another driver accidentally slams their door into your car, an owner can only see the eyesore and wonder how… Read more »

Maintaining your Auto Finish a Simple Task

The best way to maintain your car’s factory finish is to obviously never drive it and keep it in your garage. But for most of us, that is not a reality. Our cars are lived in and used on a daily basis. And for those of us who don’t enjoy the luxury of parking or… Read more »