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Reasons To Repair Those Dents With PDR

Dents on your car are tough to look at. No matter if you bought the vehicle recently or a decade ago, dents that aren’t repaired can be unsightly and in the future cause further damage. Now if you happen to live in an area afflicted by hail storms or recently were in an accident then… Read more »

How To Tell If Your Car Has Hail Damage

If you live in certain parts of South Dakota or Wyoming, then the occurrence of a hailstorm can be quite frequent. That means that you must be prepared at a moment’s notice for when a storm might hit and for the damage the hail can bring. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t seem to matter how much… Read more »

Wintertime Dents – When Is Time To Repair?

Winter can be very harsh on our vehicles, causing dents and dings that might need to be repaired come spring. Ice and snow can make it difficult to drive, especially when they were whiteout storms and blizzard-like weather. If those wintertime conditions didn’t make it difficult enough, roads can have tourists not used to the… Read more »

5 Common Ways You Can Get A Dent (Without Knowing It)

Anyone involved in a car accident knows how the dent got there. But how annoying is it to look at your vehicle and find a dent or ding that you had not seen before? And how did you get a dent without you knowing how it was accrued? Then once you see the dent, sticking… Read more »

Don’t Let Easily Repaired Dents Cost You Resale Value

It is coming to that time of the year where vehicle owners are looking to take their upcoming tax returns, trade in their current automobile, and put that all towards the purchase of a newer vehicle. Whether it is a car that’s seen some mileage or a car that has not been around the block… Read more »