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When and Where Do Hailstorms Most Commonly Occur?

You can be caught in a hailstorm at a moment’s notice in just about any part of the entire country. Hailstorms can be unpredictable, and they can do a lot of damage to vehicles since people don’t usually realize they’re coming. But there are specific places where hailstorms are more common than in other places,… Read more »

Factors That Determines a Vehicle’s Trade-In Value

If you’ve had a vehicle for any amount of time, eventually there comes a time when you either “junk it,” trade it in, or sell it. With trade-ins, you’re basically using what you’ve currently got in order to get some money off the new vehicle you’re purchasing. So, for example, you’ve got a 2006 Dodge… Read more »

Here’s What Likely Caused Your Door Ding

If you spend enough time driving in your life, you’re unfortunately going to encounter door dings at one point or another. You can be as careful as you possibly can, but sooner or later, someone or something is going to accidentally tap into your car door and leave a ding behind. Here are just a… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Hail

Everyone knows that hail can do a lot of damage when it falls from the sky. It might look cool when it’s falling, but it can dent homes, vehicles, and other objects that sit in its path. There are many things that people don’t know about hail, though. Sit back and learn a few things… Read more »

Should You Buy a Car Damaged by a Hailstorm?

In certain areas of the country, hailstorms are frequent and intense. When hailstorms hit, they can do a lot of damage to many things, including cars. Should you buy a car damaged by a hailstorm? Most likely the answer is yes, but you have to consider certain things first, before making that final payment and… Read more »

Environmental Awareness Is Key to Preventing Dents

Vehicles inevitably get dented throughout their lifespan, but there are ways to prevent this damage. Staying aware of your environment and surroundings is often the most important thing you can do to prevent vehicle dents. Here are a few things to keep in mind whenever you’re behind the wheel.   Weather Bad weather elements such… Read more »

Graupel or Hail? Defining the Differences in Frozen Precipitation

Snow, sleet, freezing rain and hail are usually the options that most people think of when considering frozen precipitation. After all, unless you are a meteorologist or weather expert, these are the types of icy precipitation that you probably hear about the most. There are, however, several other kinds of frozen precipitation, like graupel. So… Read more »

Color and Dents: Do Some Colors Hide Dents Better?

Dents on our cars can really be eyesores. They can be something we notice every time we walk to our cars even if we don’t want to. However, have you ever noticed that some cars may have dents but they don’t seem to stand out or draw the eye hardly at all? Part of the… Read more »