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Your Car is an Asset and Should be Treated as Such

Aside from maybe investing all your savings in Florida real estate, buying a car is the worst investment you can possibly make. It costs a lot of money to maintain and insure, not to mention the cost of fuel and how it depreciates in value with every passing minute. The question to ask is how… Read more »

Midwestern Weather Most Detrimental to Property Damage

Over 60 million Americans call the Midwest their home. Void of coastlines, the flat, prairie-like terrain is the environment for cities like Chicago, Milwaukee and Kansas City just to name a few. Residents have to deal with a variety of weather changes and occurrences throughout any given year. Midwest summers are humid and hot, while… Read more »

Seamless Dent Repair Fixes What’s Already There

The telltale signs a car has been in an accident stand out like a sore thumb to the trained eye. When buying a used car, one that has been in a wreck could have a lot more issues below the surface. There are many queues for which you just have to know how and where… Read more »

There’s the Right and Wrong Ways to Do Things

Painstaking labor got our country where it is today. The 1620 voyage for the pilgrims across the Atlantic Ocean- the catalyst to the birth of American society- was no pleasure cruise. The pioneers, 49ers and oil drillers embarking on the rugged west beyond the 13 colonies put their safety at serious risk to pursue their… Read more »

Paint-less Dent Repair Ensures Seamless Dent Repair

Paint-less dent repair is a great option for fixing visible damage to your automobile. The typical top-to-bottom restoration will take no more than a day, even on the panel seams. It not only saves time, and subsequently money, it is also ideal for maintaining seamless collision repair.   Aftermarket paint jobs, as similar as the… Read more »

Where to Get Dents Repaired in Spearfish, South Dakota

We at Impact Paintless Dent Repair know how important your car is to you, regardless of the model you drive.  For most people, a car is more than a vehicle, but it also represents something of who they are and their lifestyle. So having your car looking its best, as well as performing its best,… Read more »

Why Choose Paintless Dent Repair

Although the paintless dent repair process has becoming increasingly popular over the past decade, many automobile owners are still unaware of its existence. However, insurance companies, car rental companies, and other organizations have been trying to spread the word about this revolutionary technique. Regardless of the shape or size of a dent, PDR can repair… Read more »

How to Avoid Dents on your Vehicle

  Dents happen. It’s almost inevitable. Just like people get scars, cars and trucks get dents.   Ideally, though, you don’t want your car to get dented in the first place, right? Here are some tips to avoid car dents and dings.   First off, if you’re really paranoid about dents, you can do what… Read more »