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To Claim or Not to Claim: Should You File with Insurance

Hail storms are a common cause of damage to vehicles. The damage is not just unsightly, but it can also affect the value of the car. Many people who experience hail damage are uncertain whether or not they should file an insurance claim. Here is what you need to know as you weigh filing an… Read more »

Accidentally Dent a Car? Here’s What to Do

Most drivers will have the unfortunate experience of accidentally damaging another car at some point. Whether in a parking lot or on a street, it only takes a brief distraction or miscalculation to dent or damage another vehicle. What happens when you accidentally dent a car? Here’s what to do. Parking lots are frequent sites… Read more »

A Small Dent Could Be a Big Problem

We are all familiar with the experience: We return to our car in a parking lot only to find a new dent or ding, or we park in the driveway at home and realize later that the car is being pounded by hail. These experiences are frustrating because they affect the appearance of the vehicle,… Read more »

Understanding Common Types of Dents

When your car gets dented, it can be a very frustrating thing, especially if you don’t know how it happened. Different dent shapes often are caused by distinctly different impacts, and if you’re wondering how the dent on your car got there, the breakdown below can help you to try and determine how a dent… Read more »

Leasing and Dents: When to Repair

Driving a leased vehicle is a luxury motorists are given for generally a two- to three-year term. Whether you’re driving a leased car on your road trip to Ohio or a leased SUV while your car is in the shop, it’s important to take care of your temporary new set of wheels. Auto damage is… Read more »

Let The Pros Inspect And Estimate Your Hail Damage Repairs

Unfortunately, accidents can happen and nature is unpredictable. As a vehicle owner in a climate that can be detrimental to your ride, dents can accrue from all sorts of manners. Hail is one of the biggest nature offenders, and even if you are on top of your weather conditions, your car can still be left… Read more »

Is It Possible To DIY Hail Dent Repair?

These days there are all types of videos that have gone viral showing you DIY hacks for all sorts of situation, all in the name of saving money. You’ve probably seen five just today scrolling through your Facebook news feed. All touting the fact that “you must see this” or “you won’t believe how easy… Read more »

What Is Entailed In A Paintless Dent Repair Job

An unfortunate event that can really cause frustration and anger is when you get a ding in your car. Shopping carts, hail, other car doors, and leaning too heavily on a car can all cause small dents and dings. A vehicle is a hefty investment and of course you want to keep your car in… Read more »