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Will Paintless Dent Repair Ruin Your Car’s Paint Job?

Many motorists have seen first-hand just how useful paintless dent repair can be when it comes to fixing a dent in their vehicle. They’ve been able to have their vehicles repaired without sending it into an auto body shop for days or even weeks at a time. However, some people are under the impression that… Read more »

How to Fix Dents on the Roof of Your Car After a Hailstorm

Did your vehicle get stuck out in a hailstorm and sustain extensive damage due to the hail that fell on it? The roof of your car, truck, or SUV can be especially susceptible to hail damage during a hailstorm. Fortunately, there are some ways you can deal with the damage. Take a look at a… Read more »

How Did Paintless Dent Repair Get Its Start?

In the history of the planet, cars and trucks are a relatively new development… they’ve been around in modern form since the beginning of the 1900s, and even way back then, they were getting dented. Hey, it hailed back then, too! The History of Paintless Dent Removals As for paintless dent removal, that concept took… Read more »

Should You Have a Dent Repaired on Your Car Before Selling It?

Want to test out a hypothesis? Without saying anything, present a toy to a kid in a store in two forms: the dented one and the “perfect” one. Which one do you think they’ll choose? Obviously, they’re going to want the perfect one. This is human nature. We want “the best” whenever we can get… Read more »

Where Did My Mystery Car Dent Come From?

Did you ever take a look at your vehicle and see a dent and wonder, “Where did that come from?” You’re scratching your head thinking, “I didn’t see that there before. How long has it been there? What did that?” So where do mystery dents come from, anyway? Maybe an animal did it! Even though… Read more »

What is a Fraudulent Dent Repair Claim?

Impact Paintless Dent Repair fixes vehicle dents at various locations in Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota. Across the border in Canada, Saskatchewan Government Insurance recently circulated photo examples of fraudulent hail damage claims to auto body shops in the City of Saskatoon with the hope of catching people who are filing fraudulent dent repair claims…. Read more »

Why Paintless Dent Repair is the Right Choice After a Hailstorm

Hailstorms are just a part of life in many areas of the country, particularly during the summer months. Unfortunately, these storms often result in considerable damage to property, including vehicles that are hit by hailstones. In fact, hailstorms cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage each year in the U.S. Here’s why paintless dent repair… Read more »