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How’s It Done? Getting to Dents on Your Car

Dents and dings on your car are unsightly and decrease the value of the vehicle. Fortunately, it is possible to remove most dents, like those caused by hail stones or car doors, without an expensive and complicated trip to a traditional body shop. Paintless dent repair uses a variety of tools and techniques to remove… Read more »

Driving in Hail – Tips for Navigating the Road

Hailstorms are a fact of life in many areas, especially in the Upper Midwest states. These storms are responsible for considerable damage to vehicles, buildings and crops each year, as well as injuries to people and animals. While hailstorms may cause a lot of damage to your parked vehicle, they are especially dangerous if they… Read more »

Wet Leaves: More Dangerous than Ice?

It’s true that during the fall season, there are few things more beautiful to look at than the leaves. The different colors they change into are really a sight to behold, but despite the great looks of autumn leaves, they can pose a serious threat to us out on the road. As fall rolls on,… Read more »

To Claim or Not to Claim: Should You File with Insurance

Hail storms are a common cause of damage to vehicles. The damage is not just unsightly, but it can also affect the value of the car. Many people who experience hail damage are uncertain whether or not they should file an insurance claim. Here is what you need to know as you weigh filing an… Read more »

Before Hail Damages, How Does It Form?

Hail is responsible for billions of dollars in damage to crops, buildings and vehicles each year. Wyoming is one of the states with the most hail storms each year, while Montana and South Dakota also frequently experience hail. Hail may do a lot of damage, but before hail can cause damage, it helps to understand… Read more »

Dry Ice? Not in Our Repairs! Here’s Why

Dents and dings happen to all cars occasionally. Whether the damage is caused by a carelessly opened car door or runaway shopping cart in a parking lot, a hail storm or some other mishap, these dents look unsightly and affect the value of your vehicle. Paintless dent repair is a method of removing many of… Read more »

Steps to Take If You See a Hit and Run Fender Bender

Minor motor vehicle accidents – common fender benders – occur every day. These bumper busters usually do not cause injuries, and in most cases do not result in serious damage to the vehicles. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to flee the scene following a fender bender rather than reporting the incident to police or the owner… Read more »

Accidentally Dent a Car? Here’s What to Do

Most drivers will have the unfortunate experience of accidentally damaging another car at some point. Whether in a parking lot or on a street, it only takes a brief distraction or miscalculation to dent or damage another vehicle. What happens when you accidentally dent a car? Here’s what to do. Parking lots are frequent sites… Read more »