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The Danger Hail Poses to Vehicle Owners

Unfortunately for automobile owners, hail can strike when you least expect it. Whether you are out on the road when it happens or your car is parked in the driveway, your vehicle is at risk any time hail falls from the sky. You may be surprised to know that even small pieces of hail can… Read more »

When Is Paintless Dent Repair Necessary and How Does It Work?

  Paintless dent repair, or otherwise known as PDR, has become a very popular, reliable and cost effective method for fixing dents and other marks on a vehicle. Paintless dent repair can be done whenever significant damage to the panel has been avoided, providing car owners with a unique opportunity to restore the look of… Read more »

Get the hail dents out of my car!

When it hails in Casper, Wyoming, vehicles can be subject to unsolicited damages, including unsightly dents. No one wants a dented car, but most people wonder, “How can I fix these awful dents caused by those huge chunks of hail?”   Impact Paintless Dent Repair is where people in Casper go when their cars have… Read more »

What Hailstorms Can do to Your Vehicle

Hailstorms are probably one of the most aggravating weather events that drivers and vehicle dealerships experience. Hailstorms suddenly arise and can cause a lot of damage to a vehicle’s body.   Hailstones range in sizes comparison of dimes and the largest, the half dollar. The heaviest hailstone ever recorded weighed 2lbs. The rate of speed… Read more »

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

  There’s a newbie in the world of auto dent repair and it’s called paintless dent repair, otherwise known as PDR. Auto body shops are getting equipped with the necessary tools to “fix” vehicle dents with care and precision.   What is PDR exactly? Using specific tools, technicians get behind the dent to push it… Read more »

Increasing The Value of Your Car

  Eventually, all motorists are forced to a get a new car.  Some have the luxury of upgrading every few years, while others wait until the miles have piled up on their current ride before browsing for a new vehicle.  Most vehicle owners rely on their current car fetching a fair trade-in value, or look to… Read more »

Most Common Ways of Denting your Vehicle

How frustrating and annoying is it to look at your beautiful car only to find a dent or scratch that you had not previously noticed?  Once you see it, it sticks out like a sore thumb.  Every time you glance at your car, that dent or scratch will be first thing that you see.  Anyone… Read more »

Welcome to Impact Paintless Dent Repair

Choosing Paintless Dent Repair prevents the use of dangerous chemicals used in refinish processes and prevents replacement of parts that end up in land fills.