All in a Day’s Dents

If you own a car, you know that anything from a stray baseball to a severe hailstorm can lead to serious dents in your car, but what are the odds of these dents happening frequently?

Well, according to TWC News, in Austin, Texas, the three worst hailstorms in recorded history have all happened in the past 25 years on March 25. Hail the size of tennis balls fell from the sky and caused damage to property across the city on that day in three separate years – 1993, 2005 and 2009.

Hail StormYou may not believe in weather coincidences, but if this pattern of hailstorms tells us anything, it’s that hail can be a real problem when it comes to property. Vehicle damages from each storm that struck Austin ranged from $1,000 to $20,000 per car in the region. Overall property damage caused by hail in 2016 is around $3.36 billion in the state Texas alone.

Hail isn’t quite as common or always as damaging in Montana, but that doesn’t mean that Mother Nature won’t occasionally put a huge dent in the hood of your car from a serious storm. In fact, according to Weather Underground, one such powerful storm in July 1997 caused more than $1.5 million in damages in just 15 minutes to areas in northwest Montana near Libby.

Whether you’re in the Gillette, Sheridan or Casper area of Wyoming; Spearfish, South Dakota; or Billings, Montana, the team at Impact Paintless Dent Repair is committed to fixing any dents that severe weather may cause. Our guaranteed service removes minor dents in your vehicle by using specific tools to shape the metal back to its original form. Check out some before and after photos online, and call us today to schedule your dent repair.

Written by Chad Harley

Chad Harley

Professional hail technician since 1998. Vale National Master Craftsman 2004. Over a decade of experience in collision repair and refinishing prior to paintless dent repair.

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