3 Proven Benefits Of Window Tints

It might seem like a luxury accessory but window tints are more than just making your car look like it belongs in a stereotypical gangster movie.

And there are vehicle owners who might get their windows tinted for superficial reasons – like being young and want to impress your friends.

Yet there are other benefits that you might not be aware of that can make your driving life better and healthier, and we have 3 proven reasons here for you to consider.

3 Tinted Window Benefits

  1. UV Reduction – Not only do we have an epidemic of UV rays on our skin, which is causing an increase of skin cancer. To combat that and to also protect the little ones in your backseat is to apply darker tints to back windows and a partial tint to your front windows.
  2. Cooler In The Summer – Going along with protection from the sun, having window tints can also make your car almost 60% cooler in the summer. This means you won’t come into a car that is baked from the sun after a long day at work.
  3. Upholstery Doesn’t Get Sun-bleached – Ever had a shirt or hat get bleached in the sun after days or week of exposure? Darker window tints can help to protect certain interior upholstery from the bleaching powers of the sun.

BONUS REASON: We won’t lie, it does make your vehicle look stylish.

There are various other reasons for windows tints that we could go into (like shatter proofing) but these three reasons are proven and make the most sense for tint protection.

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Written by Chad Harley

Chad Harley

Professional hail technician since 1998. Vale National Master Craftsman 2004. Over a decade of experience in collision repair and refinishing prior to paintless dent repair.

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